People of Polish Ancestry Should Check Their Credit Files

William Shakespeare famously wrote, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” But, for many of us, names are important since they give us our identity. Especially our last names. Surnames are a source of pride since they link us to our families and ethnic heritage. Polish names are no exception. There are over 400,000 distinct surnames in Poland, with the most popular being Nowak. In terms of commonality, this name is followed by Kowalski, Lewandowski, Kowalczyk, Kaminski, Zielinski, Szymanski, Koztowski, Jankowski, and Wojciechowski.

These Polish surnames are popular in the United States, too. Unfortunately, names of Polish descent are often mispronounced and frequently misspelled in this country. A misspelling is not only annoying, but it can have grave consequences when it comes to someone’s credit history. A misspelled name can lead to a mixed credit file. In addition, when someone’s surname is popular, a mixed credit file can occur.

What is a Mixed Credit File, and What Causes the Confusion?

A mixed credit file occurs when a credit reporting agency mistakenly commingles two people’s financial information. The problem can develop when two individuals have the same or similar name, or when there is a misspelling. A typo in a financial record or a Social Security number with an incorrect digit can also lead to a credit file mix-up between two people.

You should scan your credit file to see whether it lists any data that does not apply to you. If the file shows that your record has been mixed with someone else’s, you may be ineligible for credit. You may also receive a credit score that is lower than it should be. A mixed credit file can be a big problem.

You Need the Help of An Experienced Attorney

If you believe you have a mixed credit file, you can contact the credit reporting agencies, but they may not fix the problem fast enough. These agencies are famous for taking their time while consumers bear the brunt of their inaction. So don’t go it alone. Attorney Adam Singer at the Credit Report Law Group has experience challenging mixed credit files. He and his team aren’t afraid to take on a credit reporting agency to get you the remedy you deserve. Contact the Credit Report Law Group at 212-842-2428 or fill out this form.