Mexican-Americans Should Watch Their Credit Files for Erroneous Information

Mexican-Americans are proud of their outstanding heritage and vibrant culture. They are also proud of their lineage and often have two surnames that reflect their ancestry. Many use their father’s and mother’s family names as their surnames. For example, a man may go by Gilberto Lopez Garcia, or a woman may be called Maria Gonzalez Perez.

There are approximately 221,551 surnames in use in Mexico today. In descending order, the most popular are Hernandez, Garcia, Martinez, Lopez, Gonzalez, Perez, Rodriguez, Sanchez, Ramirez, and Cruz. In the United States, Garcia is the sixth most prevalent of all surnames, regardless of nationality, with Rodriguez and Martinez being ninth and tenth.

Given the commonality of these names and the fact that many Mexican-Americans have two surnames, there is bound to be some confusion when it comes to official records. A credit report is an official record where a naming error can be problematic. When someone’s surname is popular, that person can be the subject of a mixed credit file.

What is a Mixed Credit File, and What Can Happen?

A mixed credit file occurs when a credit reporting agency intermingles the financial information of two different people. Confusion may occur because the names may be alike or similar, and personal details, such as age, may be the same. A file may also become mixed if someone made a typo in a loan application or provided a Social Security number with an incorrect digit.

You should review your credit file to see whether it contains information that does not apply to you. If your file contains errors, you may be denied credit even though you qualify. Your credit score may also end up being lower than you deserve. Serious financial problems can arise if you are a victim of a mixed credit file.

You Need an Experienced Attorney

Credit reporting agencies do not act quickly to make the necessary changes to mixed credit files. And, when you contact them, you may find yourself in a maze of bureaucracy. Attorney Adam Singer at the Credit Report Law Group knows what to do when there is a credit file mix-up, and he has experience going to bat for consumers and obtaining relief. Contact the Credit Report Law Group at 212-842-2428 or fill out this form.