About the Firm

The Credit Report Law Group is dedicated to helping individuals obtain compensation and justice for consumer rights violations. The firm combines professionalism, diligence, and a fire-in-the-belly passion for consumer protection. We provide clients with sophisticated advocacy to address corporate abuse and deceit. Our objective is to obtain compensation and seek all available forms of restitution for our clients. Many federal and state consumer statutes require the wrong-doer to pay attorney’s fees. This enables our firm to represent consumers through a cost-effective approach.

The Credit Report Law Group routinely represents consumers harmed in these situations:

Credit Report Errors

Consumers are entitled to the “maximum possible accuracy” of the information contained in their credit reports pursuant to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Errors occur more often than many individuals realize and the U.S. credit reporting system often does not meet the required standard of accuracy. Our firm represents consumers who have been harmed by credit report errors and helps them defend their credit reputation and obtain compensation for any harm they have suffered.

Employment and Tenant Background Check Errors

Many employers utilize background checks to ensure that job candidates are trustworthy and do not have a criminal record. Similarly, landlords rely on credit reports to determine whether a potential tenant is likely to pay the rent. Unfortunately, errors in both credit reports and background checks are all too common, sabotaging career aspirations and restricting access to housing. Our firm represents victims of inaccurate background checks and credit reports that violate the FCRA.

Identity Theft and Credit Report Errors

If your identity has been stolen, inaccurate negative information on your credit report can substantially impact your credit reputation by lowering your credit score for years. The Credit Report Law Group represents identity theft victims in actions against credit bureaus and creditors (as well as against identity thieves themselves and third parties responsible for your confidential information) to recover compensation for both financial harm and emotional suffering resulting from violations under the FCRA and state law.

Consumer Class Actions

A consumer class action is a type of lawsuit that is brought by one or more individuals, on behalf of a larger group of consumers who have suffered similar injuries. A class action lawsuit is especially effective in cases where the damages suffered by one individual are too small to justify a lawsuit. However, combined with the potential harm suffered by hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of consumers, these suits can be brought effectively in a class action. Our firm appreciates hearing from consumers with first-hand knowledge of widespread deceptive practices.

Debt Harassment

Being harassed by debt collectors can be demoralizing. It is also illegal. While creditors are entitled to repayment of loans, the Credit Report Law Group helps consumers obtain justice from debt collectors who use abusive practices.

Consumer Debt Defense

Many consumers who are unable to pay their debts become the target of lawsuits or other actions by consumer finance lenders and collection agencies. We may be able to stop the collection process, set aside a judgment, and protect your assets and wages.

Homeowner Representation

Many homeowners are victimized by unscrupulous home improvement and construction contractors. Common issues with contractors include poor workmanship, failure to abide by the terms of a contract, and even fraud. The State of New York, and most counties, have enacted statutes offering homeowners heightened protections in their dealings with home improvement contractors. If a contractor fails to comply with state and local laws, or has breached your contract, our firm may be able to assist in the recovery of damages including but not limited to out-of-pocket costs.

How the Credit Report Law Group Protects Your Consumer Rights

The Credit Report Law Group represents individuals who have been the target of corporate abuse and deception in their effort to obtain meaningful results under the law. Our firm can advise you about the consumer laws relevant to your case and seek legal redress for any harm suffered under the law. Many consumer rights statutes contain attorney’s fees provisions which enable this firm to represent consumers in a cost-effective manner.