Medical Identity Theft Is your most sensitive information protected in the hands of your health care provider?  How well is it protected? When identity theft takes a toll on your credit report, know your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  The statute entitles you the “maximum possible accuracy” of the information contained in your credit […]


Most people know that maintaining their credit score in good standing is crucial to their financial health. After all, their credit score can have a significant impact on many aspects of their life. Credit scores can affect a person’s ability to buy a home, car, insurance, and may even affect their ability to obtain employment. […]

Credit Reports Of Debtors Off-Limits In Other Than Credit Transaction Judgments Says Rodriguez Court

When collecting judgments, one of the most powerful tools for creditors is running a credit report on the debtor, since the credit report will show where the debtor has applied for credit or opened bank accounts, etc. These creditor reports are usually a gold mine for creditors, since they can lead to loan applications […]

Your Right to Know – Your Consumer Credit File Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act

Consumer reporting agencies (also known as credit reporting agencies or CRAs) compile consumer data primarily for use by “users.”  Users are entities that access a consumer’s information to gain insight into the consumer’s past behavior including prior use of credit (payment history and type of credit accessed), criminal history for a job application, or […]

Wells Fargo is “feeling the pinch” after stealing from countless consumers. Not.

Wells Fargo is “feeling the pinch” after stealing from countless consumers. Wells Fargo’s net income in the most recent quarter declined to $5.64 billion from $5.8 billion the same period last year, the bank said Friday.

Ruling on CFPB’s Unconstitutionality Leaves Agency Intact

From the National Consumer Law Center:  The DC Circuit’s October 11 decision in PHH Corp. that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is unconstitutional will have far more limited impact on the agency  than one might presume, as explained in this article.

IRS Scam Center Busted — Wall Street Journal

Indian Police Bust IRS ‘Scam Center’ Police say scammers posing as IRS officials would dial people in the U.S. and threaten them with jail time if they didn’t pay up. Read More Check your credit reports for free at If you see any suspicious or erroroneous information, contact the Credit Report Law Group.  Qualified cases […]

My Presentation Next Week at the NYC Real Estate Expo

NYC Real Estate Expo

Next Thursday, 9/29/16, the Midtown Hilton will be swarming with over four thousand real estate professionals including leaders in the industry.  Come here my brief presentation at 4:30 in the Finance Presentations lineup in the Morgan Suite.  Topic: Client Credit Report Errors: Consumer’s Rights under the FCRA in the Real Estate Context.