Major Consumer Protections Announced in Response to COVID-19 *UPDATED WITH CARES ACT*

This article, which will be updated as developments warrant, lists actions Congress, governors, federal and state agencies, and businesses are taking to protect consumers in light of the COVID-19 epidemic. These actions include suspensions on foreclosures, evictions, and terminations of telecommunications and utility service, elimination of interest and forbearance on student loan payments, limits on debt collection, and more.

This article is limited to actions and orders that have been officially announced as final decisions.  For information about actions that have been proposed by NCLC, other organizations, or members of Congress, see NCLC’s web page on COVID-19 & Consumer Protections.

Because of the rapidly changing reactions to the current epidemic, this list cannot be complete, but an effort has been made to be as up to date as possible. Readers are encouraged to email with additional protections that have been enacted in their state, county, or municipality.

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