Liberty Vittert: Collecting your data is the biggest, baddest, business around. Where’s our government?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act was ahead of its time in terms of assuring consumer rights re: the accuracy of the data that is involuntary reported about consumers.  One of the next frontiers is establishing consumers’ rights to control that data.  

Listen to Microsoft’s president discuss . . .

Your rights are being violated and you don’t even know it.

Your data is being used by governments, corporations, charities and others to manipulate, convince, sway and sell you in every way imaginable. If we keep blaming peripheral actors like Cambridge Analytica, the creators of FaceApp, or even Facebook itself, for data violations, we will never get to the root of the problem.

The newest, biggest, baddest and most influential industry today is data, and it’s time for our government to start regulating it.