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Consumer Bureau Moves to Cap Debt Collectors’ Calls, and Allow Texts and Emails

Debt Collection Paperwork

The new rules would bar collectors from making more than seven attempts a week to reach a debtor by phone. Once they make contact, collectors would have to wait a week before calling again. The new rules also grant debt collectors a concession they have long wanted: allowing the use of email and text messages […]

A New Kind of Lender Secretly Tracks Your Car to Make Sure You Pay Up

Debt collection on steroids.  Now in China.  Where next? So-called auto-backed lenders—which charge annualized interest rates as high as 36%—install tracking devices in cars by hiding them inside bumpers, under seats or behind mirrors to prevent them from being removed by borrowers. When people fail to repay their debts, collectors act quickly to repossess […]

TzedekDC ( is a new Jewish lawyers group dedicated to providing pro bono debt representation for the poor.

Whereas these disputes were once a matter of debtor vs. creditor, in recent decades the game has changed. Large companies write off their bad debt and sell the paper to third parties for pennies on the dollar. These big debt buyers then hire phalanxes of lawyers to sue thousands of people. The plaintiffs are […]

Who’s responsible when a loved one passes away with outstanding debt?

Credit Report Law Group  Who’s responsible when a loved one passes away with outstanding debt? Read more here: The firm represents consumers in debt collection and debt harassment cases.  Read more at–Harassment–Debt-Defense_cp16182.htm