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The Equifax breach affecting nearly half of Americans was “entirely preventable”

Equifax Data Breach

The cyber attack at Equifax that compromised data for nearly half of all Americans was the result of rapid growth that boosted company’s share price but left the the consumer credit bureau’s IT systems dangerously exposed to hackers. The massive data breach, which took advantage of known security vulnerabilities, “was entirely preventable,” according to a US […]

Marriott says breach of Starwood guest database compromised info of up to 500 million

Marriott said it determined on Nov. 19 that the information was from its Starwood database. “The company has not finished identifying duplicate information in the database, but believes it contains information on up to approximately 500 million guests who made a reservation at a Starwood property,” the company said in a statement. For about […]

Uber Settles Data Breach Investigation for $148 Million

Uber will pay $148 million to settle a nationwide investigation into a 2016 data breach, in which a hacker managed to gain access to information belonging to 57 million riders and drivers. The breach included names and driver’s license numbers for 600,000 drivers. The investigation, led by state attorneys general across the United States, […]

This bill could weaken the protection of a credit freeze

If the bill becomes a law, it will offer weaker protections against identity theft, replacing stronger ones currently dictated by individual states. And, as if that were not enough, it would also provide service members an inadequate right to credit monitoring, while paving the way for Equifax and the other national credit bureaus to […]

The New ID Theft: Millions of Credit Applicants Who Don’t Exist

Thief holding credit card

Federal regulators are warning banks and other financial institutions about an expanding area of financial theft. With increasing regularity, thieves are creating identities out of thin air and running up balances on lines of credit using the phantom identities. It’s costing the financial industry billions, and presumably the costs are being passed on to customers […]

Mexican Man Assumes American’s Identity for 37 Years, Steals $361,000 in Government Benefits

Unites States of America Seal

Federal prosecutors say that Mexican citizen, Andres Avelino Anduaga, extracted in excess of $350,000 in federal, state and local benefits over nearly four decades, while residing both within and outside the United States.  The investigation, which began in 2014, has resulted in a settlement between Anduaga and the federal government.   Read Full Story Here

Equifax Says It Will Hand Over New York Data Breach Info

A spokeswoman for Atlanta-based credit reporting agency Equifax said the company would comply with a demand by Secretary of State Rossana Rosado for information on a July data breach that was made public in September.   Our firm helps identity theft victims get their lives back on track. Call us today.

Meet the man who used to steal your identity

Brett Johnson made his living profiting from stolen identities. Like yours. Contact us immediately if you discover any unfamiliar entries on your credit report and suspect your identity has been stolen. We represent consumers on contingency to obtain a permanently corrected report and, in many cases, compensation for violations of the federal Fair […]