Credit Report Error Attorney Queens, NY

Checking Your Credit Report for Free

Consumers can give any kind of inaccurate information by obtaining a free report. To do this, go to annual credit established by the Free Credit Reporting Act. You can also go to Credit Sesame ( and Credit Karma (

Assistance can also be provided by the Federal Trade Commission by showing how consumers can dispute the information contained in their credit report.

The Credit Report Law Group will help file a proper dispute of any credit report errors that are reported. Should the report not be corrected, we will help you file a lawsuit against the creditors and credit bureaus for compensation or a new, corrected report.

Consequences for Incorrect Information in Credit Reports

Having an incorrect credit report can lead to major issues in the future. Such issues can include being rejected for mortgages for a home, or denied a loan for an automobile purchase. Don’t suffer because of a mistake. Contact the Credit Report Law Group today!

How We Help You Correct Credit Report Errors and Receive Compensation

Consumers are entitled to sue for compensation and a revised credit report if the information is not corrected after a dispute. Monetary damages include compensation, punitive damages, attorneys fees.

Monetary Damages

  • Compensation 

If the report is not corrected after a dispute, consumers can sue for a corrected report, as well as achieving compensation. This includes damages for financial harm and emotional suffering.

  • Punitive Damages 

This is awarded to consumers who are victimized by intentional wrongdoing. An award of punitive damages by a jury may substantially increase the monetary award.

  • Attorneys Fees

If you’ve been harmed by credit report errors, the law empowers you to recover damages, and be awarded reasonable attorney fees.