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Fighting for Consumer Rights

Are you having some trouble with a credit report issue in the Pomona, NY area? Adam Singer can provide help! Our law group focuses in credit report errors made by major agencies and we will work with you to make sure you receive what you deserve. Regardless of the type of error we take on, every case holds value and care with our team. Don’t wait to get the error corrected. Contact the Credit Report Law Group today!

Consequences Of Credit Report Errors

A major problem with having errors is that they can make your financial livelihood worse in many ways. Taking a mortgage out on a home or taking out a car loan can cause you to have high rates or be denied because of an error in reporting that puts you at a disadvantage. This error can have a long lasting effect for years to come because correcting these type of problems will take time. People need to recognize that there is another option and that is going at the problem through litigation and it immediately corrects the issue.

We Fight For You!

Adam G. Singer will fight to get you the results you deserve. Our law group will take care of your credit report error case in the Pomona, NY area. Our professional group of lawyers will handle the case with utmost respect and will get you either a new credit report, or monetary compensation. Call Adam G. Singer now!